• "When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!” - with Football Legend Samuel Eto'o

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... and all "the" bonds connect amazingly well following the S-M-A-R-T principle!  

Within the past 4 days, I worked on laying out the new steps in all my projects. Struck a great balance with the *3Ps! Leaning back now with the brightest smile ever, a mug of hot chocolate and my gents right here with me I swell with joy... Just love seeing my 3Ps: *private (wife & mom), *professional (IT Engineer), and of course my *passion (Moderator) all riiiising in a lovely bubble! MPH - "CULTIVATE SUCCESS"...  



"Without momentum, even the smallest obstacle can prevent you from moving forward. But with it, you can plough through anything successfully."  :-)

Ich sage nur eins - Otitis media!!!

                    STAY FOCUSSED!  "We are the ones we've been waiting for!"                     



~Your legacy lives on long after you!~

*It's a new month and the last month of the year 2014! Blaise Ayika wrote, "Time is not of the essence, but WHAT you do in time!" I have given this quite some thought the past days and this question keeps coming to mind: What legacy do we leave behind when we are no more? It was this time of year when Nelson Mandela passed away leaving a very strong legacy as his passing shook the world! People started re-thinking the values of life - in an article and a tribute to Tata Madiba, the Harvard Business Review wrote: FIND YOUR INNER MANDELA.  

*When two days ago one of the most renowned journalists, who for decades has been a role model to women in Cameroon, left an empty space in our hearts, this again rang a bell. Had just hosted the 2nd edition of the African Tide Union event in the HWK-Dortmund that day when the sad news hit me in the face! November 29th 2014, in my tribute to Mrs Anne Nsang Nkwain I think of her devotion to her job, her sublime voice and how she in every way represented us on CRTV (Women and Development). GONE TOO SOON is a poem I put together in November 2013 trying to ease away the pain of losing a loved one. Hope this helps someone too...

"Kleine Veränderungen können eine grosse Wirkung haben.


~16/11/14: Emails, Whatsapp & Phone calls ~

*Nous sommes en ligne depuis deux semaines et c'est avec un immense plaisir que je lis et réponds aux messages Emails et whatsapp. Wow! Surtout les appels me vont droît au coeur! Au plaisir...

*We've been online for two weeks and what a welcome - great energy! Have loved every single email and the whatsapp messages … and really enjoy the calls :-). Your comments and feedbacks are awesome! Great team, new projects, the journey ahead - I'm loving it ...


Herzlich Willkommen!